Home Decorating and Personality

Can you tell something about a person simply from the way he or she decorates their home or office? Absolutely.

We all know that clothes and shoes can give away much about an individual’s personality, but furniture, colors, accents and decor do so even more. You can go out and buy a piece of clothing or pair of shoes on a whim, and sometimes those things can be out of character simply because you may be in a fun or unique mood, you’re trying to impress someone, you need the items to suit a specific occasion, etc. But furniture or home decorating, whether you are deciding between a floor lamp or bar globe, or choosing a color to paint the living room, is a much larger decision because these things are going to be part of your daily life for quite a long time.

This post is not meant to be an in-depth analysis of decor and personality types (we’ll leave that to the field of psychiatry) but there are a couple of very obvious differences that you don’t have to have a Ph.D. to notice. This is evident to us as bar globe retailers.

Photo of vintage style globe from BarGlobeWorld.comThe two biggest differences in home interior decorating and furniture styles or tastes are classic versus modern decor. Our experience has shown us that individuals who prefer traditional styles are those who have a tendency toward elegance and authenticity. Our classic customers like vintage styles and wood, and they tend to choose Italian bar globe furniture that features 16th or 17th century replica world globes. And even if the world globe has a modern geographical map, our classic customers still want the furniture to have a vintage feel.

Photo of world globe in modern setting.People who have contemporary tastes in decor and furniture tend to be more trendy and like minimalist styles. This means bright, sometimes even clinical colors, metal and glass. And in our field – modern globe furniture with current geographical world globes, of course. This does not mean that the quality of these world globes and bar globes needs to be any less, there are plenty of modern world globes and bar globes that are beautifully crafted in Italy by Zoffoli.

The bottom line is, people will make assumptions about your personality according to your tastes in home and office decor, not just by what you wear or what you eat. So if you are planning to give someone a gift that will be used to decorate their home, make sure you take their personality into account.

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Gifts You Should Never Give at the Office

You can find many articles on the web about gift ideas for your boss or co-workers. We have written several articles ourselves, of course, suggesting Italian bar globes or world globe trolleys as great office gifts. But it’s even more important to know what not to give. We at BarGlobeWorld.com have heard a lot of crazy and not so great gift ideas – the result of giving an inappropriate gift to your boss can result in an uncomfortable office environment or worse.

Here is a list of top 5 office gift ideas you should avoid:

  1. A gift for a co-worker or boss should not be too personal and most definitely should not include any adult content.
  2. Executive gifts should not be politically or religiously oriented. Even if you know the person receiving the gift well, someone else at the office can still be offended.
  3. Never give a gift that can be demeaning or offensive to women, race, culture, disabilites, etc., even if it is only in fun.
  4. Do not give a co-worker or boss a gift that can be in any way interpreted as a romantic gesture. This includes romantic jewelry, and even certain flowers. Giving roses can be misinterpreted as being a romantic gesture, so if you must give flowers it would be best to stick to palms, cactuses, wildflowers and other neutral plants.
  5. Intimate clothing like undergarments are not appropriate as office gifts. As a matter of fact, clothing in general isn’t a great corporate gift or retirement gift, unless it’s a t-shirt that has meaning or significance.

There are more items that can be added to this list of taboo office gifts, but the most important have been mentioned above. As a retailer of world globe bars, we will always suggest that you buy your boss a bar globe, or a desk globe for your co-worker, but it’s better not to buy a gift at all than to buy the wrong one.

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